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Reads for Kids

A​ non-profit society based in Singapore

The Reads for Kids Society is a registered, Singapore- based non-profit society that aims to help children out of poverty by eradicating illiteracy. We establish libraries in rural areas where books were previously inaccessible. In addition, we implement holistic learning programmes with the collaboration of our overseas volunteers and their local schools.

The project started 2010 when some members of the core team visited a village in the rural provinces of Luzon in the Philippines. They wanted to bring a lasting gift to the village and stumbled upon the idea of setting up a simple public library for the local community. With generous contributions from friends, family, and other kind-hearted souls, we managed to amass over 1,000 books, from categories including pre-school fiction, encyclopedias, adult non-fiction, and more. This, coupled with the self- funded construction of shelves by the team, and the kind help of a local friend who agreed to lend a disused shop house, allowed the library to be born.

Inspired by their experience, the members decided to replicate the concept in other villages with similar needs.  In 2012, another team travelled to a different village in the same region to set up a 2nd public library.  Besides setting up the library, the team also worked with the local community to develop enrichment classes for children to be conducted at the library on a regular basis. Additionally, in developing our own Reads for Kids Programme, we aim to aim to enhance the outreach and efficacy of our libraries various aspects (see What We Do).


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