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Media Release

The Law Gazette

January 2013


How We Built a Library


“Wait. How far from Manila did you say it was again?”

“Err, about 10 hours? Depending on the traffic. By bus. It’s basically a village along the highway.”

“… I’m going to have to think about it.”

This was the slightly inauspicious exchange between my brother and I which sparked off my trip to the Philippines...

The Straits Times Feature

October 2012


Family visits maid's hometown- and starts a library


Before a Singaporean family accompanied their maid back to her Philippine hometown for Christmas in 2010, they wondered what gift they could bring along that would leave a permanent impact.

They settled for a library - for the local community - which would be set up in the home of the maid, said National University of Singapore student Xu Cunzhi, 23, who went to Nueva Vizcaya in Luzon with his parents and maid Bernardina Dauz, 53. The library was so well-received that Mr Xu went on to set up another library in the Philippines with friends...

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